Medical Benefits for US Veterans Overseas
Medical Benefits for US Veterans Overseas


All members of the Panama Veterans Commission (PVC) serving as Veteran Service Officers (VSOs) proudly fulfill their roles as dedicated volunteers. Our core commitment revolves around offering invaluable support by aiding in the completion and submission of VA disability claims. It's essential to emphasize that our guidance and assistance come with no financial burden whatsoever – they are provided entirely FREE of CHARGE. It's important to note that while we operate in close alignment with veterans' interests, we function independently and are not affiliated with the VA or any other United States government entity.   Please contact the nearest VSO if you require guidance and assistance with your VA benefits or claim.                                                                                                        

Veterans helping Veterans

Retiree mission stmt: “Our mission has changed, but our duty has not.”


List of Veterans Service Officers (VSOs) available to assist you:

Butcher        Chief Operations Officer                                 Panama City, Panama

Blis               Liaison and  Public Affairs Officer                 Panama City, Panama

Frank            [email protected]                            Panama City, Panama

Tim               [email protected]                        Chorrera, Panama

JR                 [email protected]                       David, Chiriqui, Panama

Rey               [email protected]              Hospital Brisas, Panama City

David            [email protected]                        Chitre, Azuero Panama

Monica          [email protected]              City of Sabaneta, Colombia

"D" Diallo     [email protected]                    City of Sabaneta, Colombia

Jairo              [email protected]                       Pereira, Colombia

Jose              [email protected]            Colon, Panama

Rick              [email protected]                       Boquete, Panama

Wolf              [email protected]                          Bocas del Toro, Panama

Mark              [email protected]                    Cuenca, Ecuador

Mike              [email protected]                             Panama City, Panama


All Panama Veterans Commission (PVC) VSOs received training from the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) at VBA Houston, TX, from 5-9 February 2024.


From L-R: Mike, Frank, Rick, Wolf(in back), Monica, JR, Mark, Rey, David and Tim.


Expertly trained, highly professional, possess unwavering dedication and passion for our duties, resourceful, meticulous, decisive and we never give up. Thank you for trusting us.





Monthly VSO meeting 15 March 2023. From L-R David, Mark, Tim, Rick, Frank, JR, Butcher(Top), Mike, Graham (not in picture Rey, Monica, Wolf, Blis and Heriberto)

Panama VSOs receive training at VBA, Houston, TX, April 2019




VSOs are officially trained by TVC at VBA Houston, TX.