Medical Benefits for US Veterans Overseas
Medical Benefits for US Veterans Overseas


– Hospital Brisas in Panama City, Republic of Panama, accepts VA-FMP, CHAMPVA, TRICARE Select and TRICARE for Life.


Hospital Brisas is NOT a VA Hospital.  Hospital Brisas is a PRIVATE hospital.


NOTE:  If you DO NOT HAVE TRICARE Select  or TRICARE for Life and you ONLY have VA-FMP and your family does not have CHAMPVA, Hospital Brisas accepts BLUE CROSS - BLUE SHIELD International (BCBS-I).

BEFORE moving to Panama, get BCBS-I health insurance. Ensure you ask the BCBS-I insurance company if they cover you, and your family, overseas, specifically in Panama.


Appointments or assistance for veterans, their dependent family members and survivors. VA-FMP, CHAMPVA or TRICARE. Please contact Ashnabell (6799-4961) or Aracelis (6678-9370), Veterans Service Office. Email:


– TRICARE Select, TRICARE for Life (TFL) and CHAMPVA can be used for medical services and medications.  The  25% co-pay is required. 


– The VA Foreign Medical Program (FMP) can be used for VA awarded disabilities from 0% to 100%. VA awarded disabilities are covered overseas if listed on the VA-FMP letter.


– Non-service connected disabilities, not listed on the VA-FMP letter, are not covered by VA overseas. There may be exceptions. The veteran must request approval by VA prior to receiving medical care for non-service connected disabilities. Once the veteran has the VA approval letter for treatment of non-service connected disabilities overseas, please contact Hospital Brisas veteran services with the number provided at the beginning of this page. The veteran must provide copy of the VA approval letter so the hospital can place a verification call to VA.


– Always remember, while overseas veterans will receive medical care and medications for VA awarded disabilities listed on the VA-FMP letter. The VA ID must state “Service Connected” under the picture and the veteran must be registered in VA-FMP.  The VA ID is not required to receive medical services overseas. The VA-FMP letter and any additional identification is required for verification of eligibility.


– In the United States, all veterans are entitled to medical care at any VA hospital, service-connected or not. Co-payments may apply.


Create your E-Benefits or online account to view your VA disability list, compensation payments, apply for VA compensation, request copies of your DD-214, military personnel and medical files and other services. or


TRICARE Prime (TP) does not work overseas. Ensure you are enrolled in TRICARE Select (TS). If not, call the TRICARE customer service 215-942-8393 or 877-451-8659. You must disenroll from TRICARE Prime to be placed on TS.


Create your online TRICARE overseas account so you can manage and view your Explanation of Benefits (EOBs). If necessary, reimbursement claims can be uploaded directly to the TRICARE claims department. You have 3 years to submit a claim from overseas. Claims can be submitted online once you create a TRICARE account at:


If you are receiving retired military pay, and do not have an online DFAS MyPay account, go to and create your account. At this site you can manage changes to your account, download the 1099-R and 1095-B for tax time, designate benificieries for Arrears of Pay (AOP), Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) and other options.


If you have questions or require assistance, contact one of the VSOs. Click on “VSO” on the Main Menu for details.



MEDICARE Part-B cannot be used overseas.

VERY IMPORTANT !–>  Retirees /widows: You cannot cancel MEDICARE Part-B at any time or you will drop out of TRICARE or CHAMPVA and not be insured.