Medical Benefits for US Veterans Overseas
Medical Benefits for US Veterans Overseas



The Veterans Service Officer will provide assistance and/or guidance with:

– Veteran, spouse, child and survivor benefits

– DOD ID Card application or renewal

- Updating DEERS data via

– Application for a new service-connected disability compensation, increase disability percentage of an awarded disability or apply for secondary disability caused or agravated by a primary awarded disability. Disability claim applications will be submitted using your online E-Benefits or account

- VA Pension application: Veteran must be 65 or older, have at least one day of service during a wartime period. There are additional requirements found on the VA web page. The net worth limit to qualify for a Veterans Pension as of December 1, 2019, is $129,094. If you all your income and assets are above $129,094 per year, you do not qualify for a VA pension.

– Application for VA Individual Unemployability (IU) or temporary convalescence 100% IU after surgery of any service connected disability that requires 30 days or more recovery time

– Survivor Casualty Assistance. Report of death to VA, DFAS, US Embassy and Social Security. Report of death of a US citizen abroad to the US Embassy, and forms required to start any eligible benefits, pensions or payments

– VA Foreign Medical Program (FMP) registration for medical services and medications overseas; VA-FMP reimbursement claims can be sent via email to: [email protected]

– TRICARE reimbursement claims submission via the online TRICARE account

– Application for the health benefit CHAMPVA ID for spouse and children of 100% Total & Permanent (T&P) disabled, non-retired, veterans

– Spouse and dependent Chapter 35 Dependent Education Assistance (DEA) for university studies overseas

– Preparation of VA Form 22-0976, Application for Approval of a Program in a Foreign Country. This application is for requesting approval of a university degree with VA so you can use your Chapter 35 education benefits

– Annual Social Security Proof of Life

– Registering for an E-Benefits,, TRICARE, MyHealtheVet and/or DFAS online account

- Notifying VA of your Panama physical residence for required VA compensation and pension (C&P) medical exams coordinated by the Veterans Evaluation Services (VES) out of Houston, TX

- Veterans and veteran family members can request copies of military service records, including DD214, at this site:


***NOTE: E-Benefits is slowly migrating to You can use your E-Benefits, or MyHealtheVet login for or MilConnect

Panama Veterans Commission VSOs have a 90% success rate with VA disability claims. It is important to understand that veterans have a huge documentation gathering responsibility for their claims to be fully developed.  The veteran must work hard, hand-in-hand with his VSO, for the claim to be fully developed for submission.

***  VSOs will work with the veteran until the claim is fully developed and submitted via E-Benefits, or FAXed to the VA Evidence Intake Center, Janesville, WI. 

Panama Veterans Commission VSOs have been highly successful assisting and guiding veterans since 1999.

VSO assistance and guidance is free of charge.

Next Generation ID Cards starting in 2020:

For assistance with VISAs or Permanent Residency in Panama, contact:

ANALISTAS JURIDICOS, 831-6110    [email protected]


PENSIONED RETIRED VISA (PPT-JP)  is for foreigners who receive retirement or pension from a foreign government, international organization, or private company, who enter the national territory to settle and have sufficient financial means to defray all their subsistence expenses and those of their dependents in the country. The monthly income or pension may not be less than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) and must be granted for life.

1. Power of Attorney and notarized Application 
2. Three (3) pictures
3. Notarized copy of unexpired passport
4. Certificate of Criminal Record or sworn statement before a Public Notary
5. Health Certificate
6. Affidavit of Personal Background Investigation Form.
7. Certification of your status as a retiree or pensioner by foreign governments, international organizations, or private companies, in which it is proven that you receive a lifetime pension of no less than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) per month or its equivalent in foreign currency.
8. If the retirement or pension comes from a private company, the following must be provided in addition to what is stated above:
       8.1. Letter from the foreign pension administration, trust, mutual fund, insurance or banking company, certifying that it manages funds for the company or the applicant.
       8.2. Certification of the actual existence and validity of the company, which grants the pension and administers the fund.
       8.3. Copy of proof of income or bank statement.

The income certification of the retiree or pensioner may be of seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00) in the case that:
    1. The applicant has acquired a property in a personal capacity in the national territory for a sum greater than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00).